Monthly Archives: December 2015

it starts with your attitude

Days could not be darker in Helsinki than currently, in this December of 2015.

Literally dark.
Emotionally dark.

I went out yesterday night looking for some company, and for some sharing of energy with other people, but some of those people, mostly poured out more darkness on an already dark background.

What do you expect to get from life when you give out nothing but pessimism and cynicism?

I hear that only the rich gets beauty but beauty is out there,  art is out there. And if one is too lazy and negative to welcome it then maybe one does not deserve it at all!

.. It all starts with your attitude.

You can stop playing music because the music business is down or you can keep on singing.

(…) On the christmas market this afternoon, on Senaatintori, there was a man who sold candies.
In every words he spoke there was warmth and comfort, and all around the little house inside which he stood there was light.

I bought some réglisse that was the same colour as my pullover. And when I walked home today there was a smile on my face.