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New song: “Into the Sea” – the story

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After the winter had left to another land, and the ice had set the water free again, I went back to Vuosaari.

I walked up the hill, on the eastern side of the creek, towards the very edge of the stones, and I looked at the sea from above.

View Vuosaari

Thus up in the air, far from the sharp edges of the city, I opened my arms wide and I breathed deeply.

With my clothes and my hair flying in the wind, I looked at the birds in the distance, getting ready for their journey to a warmer land and I wondered: 
“Shall I leave as well?”*

up and arms opensitting on the rock

With noone to share this beauty with, I felt lonely.
And I left one tear fall down, into the sea..


I jumped when I heard his words.

He was standing next to me, in a friendly attitude.

He invited me to walk down to the valley, where the wooden house is.
I took his hand, and with him, I went.

Inside the wooden house Trough the window

With its wooden walls to surround me, and its warm colours, the house gave me comfort.

I looked to the window and I saw the birds, departing on their journey to the sun, in one massive movement… As for me, I stayed here, and I found warmth; simply; by the shore of a northern sea.




I got noone to fly with
and I’m aching
Tears run down my cheeks
Fall into the sea

I got noone to fly with
and I’m aching
When I hear you say …

* lyrics extracted from “Into the Sea”