Monthly Archives: May 2014

“We’ll sleep when we’re dead.”

It happened in May, when Spring hesitates to leave and the summer has not yet arrived.

The others were still asleep in the house.

I got up in silence and I walked outside.

I checked the time; 5am.
I walked through the wooden veranda into the grass. When the wood cracked under my steps, still, no one moved inside.

I walked around the wooden house to the field behind it and there I stopped for a moment, mesmerised.


The fog was covering the field and I stepped into it.

I stood alone and I watched.

When everyone else was still sleeping, I was the only one to see…


I went back into the house and I shook them gently.
I wanted them to wake up, so they would not miss It.

One said “It’s cold outside”.
I said “Then we’ll get goose-bumps.
– If there is fog we can’t see. So what’s the point?
– If you want to see you will see through the fog.

Just come while it’s still there.. We’ll sleep when we’re dead”.