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Languages : Français, Suomi, Music

I have learned several languages in my life.
My native language – French.
Then came English, Spanish, German,
And finally Finnish.

Some of them – Spanish and German – I have not used much yet.

One of them – English – has been my main working tool.
Its sounds and its structures most of the time work best in my songs .
Its universality makes it easier for me to deliver messages to people on all continents.
It is also the language spoken in Ireland, the country that first introduced the Celtic world to me. In Ireland this language has its own identity.

Aine - Irish Goddess of Love and Fertility
Aine – Irish Goddess of Love and Fertility

One of these languages – French – is my native language.
In this language are gathered a lot of secrets from my native land : its love for detail, for elegance and for harmony. Its complications and moods also. And for sure its incorrigible inclination towards passion and romance.

Souce: Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Souce: Bibliothèque Nationale de France

One of these languages – Finnish – is the language of my adoptive country and a language I am still learning.
In this language intertwine  an almost mathematical and ruthless logic, with the magic and wisdom that Nature whispers to a man’s ear, whenever his soul is open enough to hear them.

Revontuli -
Revontuli –

All languages tell their own story.

These 3 languages in particular tell a lot about mine.

They intertwine into one new language of mine,

That takes the shape of songs.