It takes time    effort      skills      passion    to get a show ready

then comes the day

soundcheck         install the merchandise             wait     …   wait    … wait   … protect yourself from the noise, so you won’t get too tired too soon …..  stay focused …. relax …. eat too little, too fast, because we are late on schedule …..  Get ready, Marja has arrived …. put clothes on, do make-up and hair, quick ….  It is show time … Don’t think, just go.
It is time to elevate ourselves

eilera-soundcheck eilera-getting-ready-backstage
eilera-setting-merchandize eilera-on-stage


And already it’s over … go backstage, discuss with the band what went great and what went wrong …
… and all this, for what?

light-in-the-darkness Light in the Darkness – Eilera

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