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Angel made Temptress – the live story

“The bass should sound heavy and dirty on this song”, I said to Tero.
“It must flirt with Hell, while the vocals flirt with Heaven.”

bass live

Eilera promopic

“Some time ago I had a very dear friend. A bandmate, a brother in arm. I shared my biggest dream with him and I let him see my most vulnerable self. I trusted our relationship, because I thought, naively I guess, that what we had was flirting with angels, above humans, so innocent, pure and strong. I never thought of our relationship in sexual terms. I thought there was no ambiguity there… And one day everything broke. He would not respect my refusal and I would not forgive him for it, for having destroyed the most precious friendship and artistic relationship I’ve ever had…Thanks to this song however, I believe I have moved on into a land of forgiveness and peace” – Eilera

*Song – live version – released on 08 / 08 at