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Iron Maiden, Ipswich and a revelation

I was in Ipswich, in Suffolk, England, the first time I heard Heavy-Rock music.
France does not exactly have a tradition of heavy music.  This demon met me on the British soil.

Philips' Suffolk map of 1895 (the town is still at the same place ;-) credits: Foxearth
Philips’ Suffolk map of 1895 (the town is still at the same place ūüėČ credits: Foxearth

I was a teenager going through her cousin’s CDs.

First I stopped on Tori Amos’ ‘Little Earthquakes’. It shook me with powerful waves.
My next powerful earthquake this day would be called Iron Maiden.

I took the ‘No Prayer for the Dying’ album from the shelf, I played it and I started flying with an explosion of excitement in my belly at each guitar solo that played. O my god!! Where had been Iron Maiden hiding all this time?! I felt I had found a major missing part of my existence.


I ran down the stairs with the CD in my hand and I exclaimed to my parents: « You Must hear this! »

Their reaction was disappointing though. No excitement in the air to be shared. I was alone with my excitement this day. Like I would be alone many times in the years to come… So? I had found Iron Maiden.