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4.45 am

4:45 am I awake

at the last note

of my dream

Exchanges of chords and melodies 

In my friend’s parents’ yards, under a summer night sky, where many jolly gatherings , good food, mood and music have lived and passed, like a laughter.. how strongly you should remember to break the fast-bowling working-rolling routine, and create such moments of joy ! 

.. my subconscious was reminding me. I haven’t created it, it created it for me

At 4:50 am, under a dreamy August sky, friends from the sunny side of life

An exchange of chords and melodies, guitare soli, sound like Stratocaster, look like purple Ltd

The melodies are from two old friends who used to skip classes at uni

To make their lives sing  

The music notes fly, accelerate, slow down, rock and roll and sing, melodiously

Excite and soothe me

Transport me higher than the dream

Just like they do in reality 

Is music the dream or the dream music? …

The fly was good and the landing was smoothe 

now at 5:23 I stop writing it

and I go back to dreaming

Bonne  nuit

on a joyful summer evening with dear old friends in Pignan, France