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“We’ll sleep when we’re dead.”

It happened in May, when Spring hesitates to leave and the summer has not yet arrived.

The others were still asleep in the house.

I got up in silence and I walked outside.

I checked the time; 5am.
I walked through the wooden veranda into the grass. When the wood cracked under my steps, still, no one moved inside.

I walked around the wooden house to the field behind it and there I stopped for a moment, mesmerised.


The fog was covering the field and I stepped into it.

I stood alone and I watched.

When everyone else was still sleeping, I was the only one to see…


I went back into the house and I shook them gently.
I wanted them to wake up, so they would not miss It.

One said “It’s cold outside”.
I said “Then we’ll get goose-bumps.
– If there is fog we can’t see. So what’s the point?
– If you want to see you will see through the fog.

Just come while it’s still there.. We’ll sleep when we’re dead”.