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On Iiluoto island – II



I wondered what the island of Iiuoto looked like.

Always satisfy my curiosity has been my line of conduct.

So I went onboard of a taxi-boat in Hakaniemi.

It took me Est of Helsinki, all the way to the island.

stone and water

I ask my friend :
– How did this huge rock on the island get here?
– The Ice Age brought all those rocks, he says.
After the ice had covered all it broke here and there, pushing rocks and shaping the landscape.

walk on island 1

Early morning the next day I go for a walk on the rocks that have been here since the Ice Age or earlier.


The colours.
The sounds.

walk on islannd 3

The feeling of the stone under my feet,

of the sun on my skin,

of the infinity in front of me.

sun and stones

I write an adventure in the shape of a song.

I pack.

I am ready to go back home. …..