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Päijänne Intensity

Deadly Together : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM2woURR_8A

Last week-end, I was back to


Lac Paijänne

Where the song ‘Deadly Together’ was born

water and fire coexist*

drops & ashes

… give me more.

cuz I never got enough

of my fire and of my water drops

A Human container

for water and fire

Eilera in Päijänne

I fight with my love, I love my love; I take a midnight boat trip, and there is no sound at all but my breathing, I sleep too little; I burn my skin in the sauna and I cry a bit, everything is so intense, it challenges my intensity; I take the challenge, I won’t show my tears; I hurt my foot on the rocks, and mosquitoes suck my blood, I walk among the trees and the flocks of crows, I swim as fast as I can, until I get out of breath, and I feel it slowly, slowly, the fire calming down in me

Purple in Päijänne*


by peace