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Towards a better world

7th week of quarantine

Today is May 1st of year 2020. This is the day when we traditionally give each other lily of the valley – muguet – in France and when we celebrate Vappu in Finland. We all celebrate work and the rights of the workers.

I remember the last singing lesson I gave back in the days I was living in France. It was, exceptionally, on May first. My student had brought me “un bouquet de muguet”. It was the sweetest thing..

This year is different though. This year is transitory.

We have not seen snow in Helsinki this winter. In fact, there has been no real winter, just a weak version of it. Lily of the valley is not being picked this year. Most of us are in quarantine.

Some of us, who have lost a close one to the virus, are in mourning. Some of us are being sick, or will be sick. Some of us are afraid they’ll die.

Some of us have lost their jobs or fear they will.
Some of us are afraid of the consequences over our economies

… Yet lots of us are feeling optimistic.

I know I am.

It is a matter of angle, the peephole from where you choose to look at the situation.

I can feel vibrations of positive change coming from every direction of the globe.

From where I am sitting today, I read about the actions that are being lead in Finland, in the USA, in France and I have no doubt in many other places too, to create new jobs that are more connected to our Earth’s and its inhabitants’ well-being.

I heard on French radio France Inter this morning, the interview of a woman on the upcoming behavioural changes for French people. Once the French people can go out of their homes, they must communicate differently than they always have. They shall communicate more with their eyes, less with their bodies. Bring back an improved civilised and tactful behaviour that had been fading away in the past decades… How is this bad?

There is and will be less planes in the sky, less cars on the roads, less pollution in our air.. How is this bad?

In Finland, people start buying cabins in their countryside again, to spend their free time in their homeland rather than in Thailand, or in any far-away territory sold by tourist agencies. This is a beautiful tradition coming back, anchored in the Finnish culture, which had started to fade away… How is this bad?

From France, I hear of people buying more and more from their local farmers … How is this bad?

We are finally re-connecting with our humanity.

Those who won’t, don’t have a place in the after-pandemic world… How is this bad?

What is coming is so strong and so positive, like a huge shiny wave, that will come fall over the greediest and selfishest creatures. This is not bad. This is the opposite of bad. This is WARM


7th week of quarantine