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Try : skills + imagination

“One day, during a singing course in Montpellier, after I had been singing a part we were studying, my teacher asked me how I had approached it.
He was a classicaly-trained teacher and he was used to working with classical singers. He had enjoyed my interpretation but he was a bit confused by it.
I replied to him : with my imagination.
He looked at me in surprise, which in turn, surprised me. I thought I was speaking of the most natural thing in the world.
So I asked him :
Don’t you do that too?
Then he pointed at a crucifix on the wall and said: No, I don’t use my imagination. It goes against my religion.

I was stunned, that this nice, educated man, and a singer, would voluntarily deprive himself of one of the strongest ways of freedom in this world.” – Eilera

photo credits : Justyna Radon
photo credits : Justyna Radon