Put them in their place

I am sitting on my couch in my home in Oulunkylä, a neighbourhood of Helsinki. I am lucky to have trees by my window that never fail to bring me a feeling of peace. The birds, blackbirds and tits mainly , have been singing their Spring and Summer songs for weeks. I’ve eaten my porridge with blueberries and drunk my orange-flavoured tea and in this moment, everything feels simple and right in its place… Except, for one major piece of news that travels to me through my phone screen :

The US Supreme Court has ended the constitutional right to abortion. 

How progressive of them
How dark
How pathetic,
How sad
How abusive, embarassing, stupid
How transparent of them

… because, in the end, this is not really about foetuses, is it ?
How many friends of Trumps were involved, how many friends of exploiters of fossil fuels, how many politicians, male and female, who cannot handle a woman’s opinion when it differs from their own… Put these women back in their places…
and where is that ?

This is June 2022. I am a woman sitting on her couch in her home and looking at the trees by her window.

East of me is a war led by russian intruders

West of me is an abusive decision made by american intruders

I got a song that I need finish recording. It’s a song called Sacred Circle, a song about respect and love in between two people, who finally find each other in the same space and time, after they have walked their own paths for personal growth in life.

This is my own rebellion

This is my place

This is the place I have decided is right for myself,
so that I can offer my best back to the world

Thank God for the wisdom of the trees by my window

And fuck the bullies and the tyrants.