the Celtic Journey to ‘Your Way’ (audio/written)

Once upon a time, I took a journey that would mark the rest of my life, and of my music.
I went to south-west Ireland.
The Cliffs of Moher –

There, stronger than anywhere else before, I felt the power of the elements, earth, wind, fire and water. And the music I heard in pubs, from perfectly unknown musicians, was the freest and the wildest I had ever heard.

The elements and the music connected to my soul in a way that intrigued me.

Celtic 4

When I was back home in southern France, I made a research. I found out that among the first waves of celts that flew from Austria in the 3d century BC, some of them settled in the area of Cévennes, those Blue Mountains you often heard of in my songs.


The influence of celts certainly is not as strong in this area of France as it is in Bretagne, but without a doubt, it has left an imprint over its land, over its people, and from one generation to the other, over my people, my red-headed mother and aunts, and over my self.

The connection had finally revealed its secret to me.


Face Your Demons is the first of my records that has been entirely written and composed in Finland. It hears in the final product.  The clash between warmth and cold is harsher than in any of my previous records, and their struggle to unite is harder.

Warm/Cold - Ice melting in the sun
Warm/Cold – Ice melting in the sun

Yet, like in the song ‘Your Way’, the celtic heart of the music is beating hard, free against demons that try and tie it to the ground, never submitted, floating in the wind, above fire, earth and the ocean waves.

Eilera_Single Your Way

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