Warm / Cold before Studio


It is past 10.30am in Helsinki and I am struggling hard to awake.
I won’t blame the lack of light for it. Rather the insane amount of things to fix before studio. They painted my night white two nights ago.

Tero and I must have been exploding the world record of sms exchange lately. Some phone calls too. I like things to be spoken. Nothing annoys me more than people who hide behind sms to avoid direct contact, like I experienced with a guitar player and a drummer lately.. Anyway. 🙂

I believe we are doing a good job here.
Everything is about ready but for 2 “little details”: I am still waiting for the green light from the money investor, and I still don’t know who is going to play the drums… Breathe. 🙂

2 days ago, Tuesday, has been the absolute warm and cold day:

I awoke with files in my mailbox of Lily’s recording. Some beautiful celtic harp, played by a lady I appreciate a lot, and the first human touch I heard on one of the new songs.


later that day I got another wonderful piece of news:
I met with Jani Luttinen. This far he had only been a man I had met occasionally when I stop in Majava bar – a musician-friendly place in Kallio.

I stopped there briefly for coffee during that day and I asked one of the musicians I know who was there: “Hi! I am 12 days away from studio. I need the best session guitar player around. Who would that be?”

He replied to me: “Have you asked Jani?”

I had not. But I did later that day. And when we met, Jani showed some wonderful motivation to join with the rest of us. Exit the guitarists-related problems.
Rather than just hiring a studio musician like I did in the past, I am now getting a person involved.


I walked back home with a huge smile on my face, ready for the bunch of files that I had left to send to Tero.
In the meantime Jan was driving to Korso where he would set a rehearsal room for us for the next day. We were supposed to have a rehearsal with a drummer I had started to make agreements with weeks ago.

Turns out, at the same time where fatigue started to down on me, sitting in front of my computer, sms came to my phone from the drummer.

The first one said that he just realised I was expecting him to play some double-bass drums, and he can’t. Ok.

The second one was asking if I had planned the money to pay him for rehearsal? Well, no; I can’t pay a musician to rehearse. I am neither Madonna nor a classical orchestra.
..This was precisely the kind of situation I had tried to avoid when I wrote to him: “we should meet and discuss things, or at least talk on the phone!”

Anyway. 🙂


I shared the situation with Jere, Jan and Tero, and the conclusion was the same as always: I must decide, what to do about the drummer.

I did not sleep much the following night.
I don’t think Tero did better than me.

Our last words that evening on the phone were:
Him: (…) It’s  complicated. Plus we still need to fix the payment of the strings musicians, check the arrangements, the scores and.. I need a drink, or something!
Me: I am dreaming of sauna! (…) Aren’t we going to have the best celebration party after all of this is done?!
Him: Yes we are!


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