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Snow / Sand

This is the Warm / Cold blog.

Today’s warm/cold fact:

Men finding warmth in a sauna of Kallio, Helsinki.
Men finding warmth in a sauna of Kallio, Helsinki.

So, Helsinki looks like this today.

A huge amount of snow has been falling over us within a few hours.

Today I took a walk in the snow. It feels a bit like walking on the sand in Montpellier after all. Both snow and sand stick to your shoes. They make it more exciting and heavier to walk. After a long walk in both of them you feel calmed down. Both look magical.

*source: www.notrefrance.com
*source: www.notrefrance.com

I stopped in café Sävy in Kallio to warm up.
After one latte I thought about last week. Last week I established the budgets together with Tero. We booked Finnvox studio and we booked strings musicians. I invited a guest to join on the upcoming recording. And I collected my photos from our photoshoot with Paavo Lötjönen.

*Source: eat.fi
*Source: eat.fi

Last week I also sang on a different project than mine, for a man who likes to revisit classical music in a modern way.

Last week has demanded a lot of energy from me.
Yet last week was filled with passion.

Passion never feels cold.

A bientôt!