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Feed your soul with

A soul may be fed in different manners

There are people out there who would like to feed them for us

from the religious circles, from the political circles, from the merchants circles

and again and again, all around the circle of man’s history

The biggest gift one can give them is to keep one’s soul empty

for them to feed

the terrorist, the activist, the consumer

acting for someone else’s thirst for power

Or… one may save their power of choosing

what they feed their soul with, by first educating them to Beauty

isn’t this called: to be free?

Each and everyone of us’s responsibility

With two main tools to help us

Two main sources of food:

Nature and Arts

in Ham museum*, images of nature and humans united, in our present times. Take a seat and take time, to reflect on what was, on what is and on what we can do to make things better.

On the left, a pic i took today 18.10.20 from inside Ateneum museum. the same view Aare Heinonen was watching as he painted his painting in 1945.

What i see in the top left, is beauty in men painted, while not taking anything off their manhood. On the top right, colours offered to the human soul in times of war.
In the centre, Joy from the painter’s soul being shared with me
In the last row, two women, two states of being: one imprisoned and one free.

Food for the eyes
Food for the mind
Food for the soul

Feeling grateful

*credits: Gustafsson&Haapoja