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Everlasting Smile

This morning, they buried my great-aunt Alice, in the sunny side of France.
This may feel far from Helsinki. This may feel

I walked early morning from my home towards Lapinlahti. I followed the sea to the park, where the big trees are. The feeling of the earth under my feet, of the roots that go deep and of the branches of the tall trees felt comforting. On this day in the far north, the sun was shining.

When i arrived back home, the time was close to 11am, the time of Alice’s burial.
I changed my clothes to warm and comfortable ones. I turned off the radio which my friend had left on. I drank water, opened my hair and sat on my bed, in the lotus position. Then i left my mind travel south.

The sun rays entered the bedroom as i was thinking of the sun rays on Alice’s face. People like Alice never loose their light. Not even in old age.

For an hour my mind was with her, with my family, within my memories, of her stone house and the big family lunches we had there when i was a little girl, of the sometimes very weird food she liked to cook, of the bright blue sky and warm light of the south, of the laughters, of the very kitch music i discovered at her house, like Céline, by Adamo.

How will i remember Alice? Like a smile that never faded, like light that she gave to others without expecting anything in return. Covid has taken her life, but it can never take

her smile.