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Ice hockey, 2 Js & 2M, Hevisaurus dynosaure

When my friend Marko suggested I join in Majava bar to watch the hockey game, I thought it would be a great way to relax. I was supposed to go exercise myself but sometimes, you should just sit down and watch sports in good company.. Just as healthy. 😉

*source: junnut.com
*source: junnut.com

The moods were high when the game started, and after many “Saatana, vittu and perkele; uh uh (them) aïe aïe (me), the game ended in much lower moods. 2-1 for Sweeden. Nevermind Finland; your lions fought well, and your team will reign next time.

Here I am now, writing to you.
Home and one Geisha candy-bar later.
Everything – or almost everything – is now clear for studio and I’m feeling peaceful and quite eager to be there..

We had one last rehearsal yesterday with 2 of the 3 Js, Jani and Jan.
Hearing them play the songs gave me a strong appetite for singing them. Pleasure and excitement are in the air. 🙂


I’m also glad I got a phone call from Mikko Mustonen, the man in charge of writing the scores for the strings musicians.
I remember how reluctant I was the first time I went to studio, of having anyone giving me production advices.. A mum tends to be over-protective of her babies, doesn’t she?

Today my feeling about this has changed. I am curious of hearing how the people I work with feel to the songs. Sometimes I don’t like their ideas, sometimes I do, and I get inspired by them.

Mikko said to me: “The 16th notes on the violins in the intro sound great. How about they come back in the song?”
So I opened the file of that song again and I added arrangements that truly bring something to the song.. Kiitos for the hint Mikko!

Next Monday we start with recording the drums.
I had not imagined I would ever have one of the Hevisaurus dynos playing on my songs. Yet it is going to happen. Have you heard of them before? My friend Pasi Heikkilä – you know him: he played the bass on my Ep – came with that great concept idea.. I’m not surprised. 😉


Check them out here for a fun heavy-rock moment:

After Mirka has recorded the drums it will be Jan’s turn. Then Jani on the following day, then the strings and myself. Long days ahead. Fabulous. Stay tuned. 😉

*CORRECTION: Turns out, I heard yesterday it was actually Mirka who first came with the heavy dynos concept, and then Pasi was invited to join on board. Congrats to both of you in any case. 😉