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I remember when I was a teenager and I heard stories of Good vs Evil.

They all seemed too simplistic to me.

I liked to think that the world answered to complicated rules.

I made songs with tones of layers and tones of guitar tracks.

Then I grew up, I dug deeper under the surface of things, and what I found, under the knots of complications, was simplicity, very beautiful. It came like a reward to my efforts every time I searched for answers.

The Yin and the Yang.
Male and Female


Light and Darkness
Good and Evil


A bunch of people out there like to present things in a complicated light.

I think that making things complicated is either a sign that one doesn’t know,
that one doesn’t want to know,
or that one has something to hide.

Same in arts.

The strongest pieces of art I’ve seen in my life combined the opposites:
complex and simple.

Good & Evil, Yin & Yang, Light & Darkness,

the Equilibrium.

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