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Warmth or Cold on your songwriting

in southern France, 2004

Have you ever opened your shutters to a morning sun in southern France ?
If your answer is “oui”, then you know what immediate smile it invites on your face and what slap of positive chemicals it produces on your brain – unless you are going through a depression, but this is a subject from another day:)

On the day the song “Break” was born, i was walking on a path in the Cévennes national park, together with my mum, my sister and our dog Judie. I was flying more than walking. This is always the impression i get when i’ve been walking fast for some time. And then the first notes appeared and formed a melody in my brain and i volutarily kept it playing again and again, just to make sure i would not forget it.

in Helsinki, 2016

Have you ever walked on the Baltic frozen sea ?
If your answer is “kyllä”, then you know what absolute emptiness feels like, when all life has been trapped by ice and the slap of adrenaline the light that evolves in between white and blue produces on your mind.

But the slap, in both cases, is only the surface. For the mediterranean light when comes the end of the day, will turn into a warm gold, filled with the old knowledge of the sea and earth. While the northern light, after a few hours only, will disappear and take you with it, into a stage of melancholy.

… and the music ?

The music when it is created from a place of honesty, will be created in joy or will be created with adrenaline, or will rise from melancholy. All from one same heart, in all its shades, declinations and harmonies. Same heart, same soul, different Gods.


Frozen Path
—> https://open.spotify.com/track/1ikUZgCHaLtdprphLbA8dM?si=365d4f029e4244a7