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Mona Lisa and a Monday selfie

Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, between 1503 ans 1517

The Mona Lisa might be the best known work of art in the world.
The woman in the painting is often described as enigmatic.
Can you tell what she thinks and how she feels ?
To me, she looks peaceful, at first glance.
But there is something else. Something darker
When I linger a little longer
On her face, i feel
A darker secret.

A Monday Selfie taken by me in 2022, in about three seconds

I finished my day, on a Monday of May 2022 and I quickly took a selfie.
Can you tell what I think and what I feel ?
I do not have a painter to explore my darker secrets.
I explore them myself and i bring light into them
And i paint songs from them
Enigmatic on the surface
Filled with darker secrets

And when you hear the notes
And when you hear the words
May you explore your own darker places
With me