Along The Tunnel

Eilera and companions, photographed by Lana Gonch
From left to right : Napsa Ikola, Malin Lewis, Eilera, Esa Orjatsalo, Toni Paananen

About one year ago, this group of people gathered together in a park of Helsinki for a photoshoot. One of them was originally from Scotland, another from France, others from Finland and a photographer from Russia.

Musicians, from the planets of Rock, Metal, Folk
Geeks, creators, players ;
Male and Female,
Ice and Fire
Walking their lines
Assembled inside
One, photographical moment

We were at the beginning of the tunnel

I had stepped into it
Those companions were walking with me
Into the adventure

Summer went, replaced by the Autumn
I locked myself in my apartment
And i wrote our album

Every new song
was a new step
into the tunnel

With every new step
A little more darkness
A lot more cold

One challenge
After an other

A pandemic ,

One companion
Must leave ,
back to their

Another companion
cannot deal
with the shadows
in his head

But a new companion jumps in
With electric guitars
As weapons

And all the way ,
I am learning patience

Then another companion joins in ,
He is polishing the orchestral arrangements
I sent to him
From the town of Ipswich, England ;
funnily enough
This is where I first heard the songs
of Maiden and Amos
That I am still carrying
Everywhere with me

And next week, another companion will join in ,
She has played the fiddle with me before
More female energy
is very much welcome
It is time for us to meet again
And make music happen

And then,
I’ll sing

I have not sung in months
The tunnel has been too long ,

I had a lot to learn ,
A lot to heal ,
A lot to decide
Never again
be a victim

And now i can see the light coming
At the other end of the tunnel

And i know that soon again ,
I will want to sing

sing again.

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