Layers & Joy

During summer, i saw my friend Pascal.
I have known Pascal since high school. He was a national champion of boxe française then.
I was a teenager who was going to school with heavy metal shirts on.

After we passed our final exams, BAC in France, we lost touch for a while.
But years later our paths crossed again, in Montpellier.
He was a kinesitherapeuth then, all grown up and studying osteotherapy.
I was a muscian who had found her calling.

In Montpellier, Darker Chapter… and stars era. With, from left to right: drummer Yoann Le Gall, bassist Jan Sormo, guitarist Loïc Tézénas. Photo credit : oonamaria photography

Much has happened since that meeting. Pascal is now a complete and established healer of the body and the soul. I am a healer of the soul of another kind.

We met during summer and i told him that during these past years, I have learned to build a thicker skin on me.

“It has been tricky for me”, I told him. “As a musician, I naturally am the opposite. I keep my emotions close to my skin. I am open and curious of the other. And like an antenna, I feel what the other feels. What I feel feeds my songwriting.”

“This is not the right way to go”, he replied to me. The more layers you build, the thicker your skin becomes and the further you get from your inner core. The further you get from your joy.”

What a truth.

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