Never take Freedom for Granted

I had an exchange with a person today that made me wonder, about how easily freedom may be taken for granted.

This man is a musician and his band was offered a gig... in a nazi club. COLD

Among my first reactions, my brain wondered how music and nazism could even fit inside one club. Try and put expressions of freedom and of dictatorship inside one pack.

My mind also wondered how in 2020, i even still have to hear the word nazism. Don't we have bigger fights to fight in 2020, when our glaciers are melting, than to fight the demons of our past again? The truth is, the enemies of freedom never sleep and they never really disappear. They just step back for some time, waiting to rise again, in a different shape.

It may be in the shape of a political doctrine, conducted by psychopaths, it may be in the shape of emotional and physical abusers, it may be like nowadays in our social media, using the initial freedom that was brought by the internet to turn it into a tool of mass controle.

It is our job to protect our freedom. Above everything else. If there is one responsability we must share, it is this one.

I have seen and felt the evil of war through my grand-father. As a young man, he was not given a choice, but guns to point against others and tanks to drive, to push evil away. The mental and physical pain he endured back then would never really leave him through his life.

And here I am today, two generations later. Sipping coffee and writing to you freely. Me, the artist, who would have been put behind bars in nazi times...

Let's make a pact altogether, right now. That

We'll never take freedom for granted. WARM

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