Copyright: James Van Nguyen Photography
Copyright: James Van Nguyen Photography

3.14 pm in Helsinki. The sky is heavy with grey clouds and the light is not piercing through.
I’m having a warm and slightly aching thought for my beloved ones, there, under Southern France’s blue sky.

I am Aurélie Potin Suau, better known under my artist name Eilera.
My grand-ma told me once that my name in old French language means both aurora and star. My parents picked it up right, for that duality of warmth and cold defines me well.

I was born in central France, where winters are harsh and snowy. I grew up there until I was 14, in a medieval village called Aurec/Loire, in the St Etienne area. With my family we lived in a wooden house, Swiss style,  surrounded by a big garden. For a little girl with imagination that garden was a place for many stories and adventures, and the house with its fireplace felt warm and secure after hours of playing in the cold.

When we moved south, mediterranean France, with its blue sky and its joyful light, came as a clash. It took time for the rebellious teenager I was  to accept it. Yet little by little, I learned to cherish it. It gave me more love than one gets in a lifetime. And the Blue Mountains became an everlasting source of inspiration for my songs.

I welcomed Finland in my life twelve years ago. Or shall I say Finland imposed itself into my life? I visited her out of instinct and she never let me go after that. Some kind of dangerous passion started between us there and then, that grew to become a whole part of my life.

So all in all, warmth and cold have made who I am, and what my songs are.

I have been a musician for as long as I can remember. Most of the adventures I’ve been through this far have been for and with music. I have travelled countries, nature and cities, I have learned from the people I’ve met and through the work I’ve done. 

I like to offer a place for escape with my work. Don’t we all need one?

I use my dream and my passion to do so.

Sharing my work with people has never been an easy task. Music is not heard without promotion being made. Via media and via live shows. In other words, via music business. One cannot exist on a big scale without the other. Wether with French label Adipocere Records back in the days of my first band Chrysalis, or with Finnish label Spinefarm Records before they turned to Universal, I have been through the best and the worst of record labels.

I have evolved mostly in the world of metal music, with my own style, that purists probably hate. One sure thing about being born French is that it prints within you a love for harmony and details. French culture loves above all beauty and the pleasure it provides. And shall I mention the French rebellious tendency?  I guess those two aspects have mixed with my warmth and cold tendencies above mentioned to create the Eilera style.

In this blog  I shall tell you some of my story: walking the line between fire and ice.

..But for now, let’s have a cup of tea and meet my good friend Silke at the swimming hall. 😉

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Bonjour Aurélie, si tu vois qui je suis, je suis Eilera depuis vos tout débuts (j’habite à Montpellier et suis venu vous voir plusieurs fois) avec beaucoup de passion et d’émotion car ta musique et ta voix me touchent énormément, en particulier les éléments metal et celtiques que j’adore !!! très belle idée que ce blog , en attendant d’entendre les nouvelles chansons …


  2. quand j’écris “je suis Eilera” il faut comprendre au sens de suivre et pas d’être ! la vraie Eilera c’est toi! lol 🙂

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